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Gonzaga Mission Award goes to ATAS! Read about it here. November 17, 2014

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Brenda Warrington and Paula Foster, two long time Foley Library staff who run the ATAS department, were honored at the Fall Staff Assembly meeting with the Mission Award in recognition of their outstanding service to the mission of Gonzaga University.

ATAS stands for “Academic Technology Applications Support”.  Brenda and Paula support a diverse range of software for the entire campus community, including Foliotek digital portfolio platform, TracDat online assessment system and Turnitin originality checker and online grading system.  They run their department with a great deal of care for all they serve and take joy in their service to the university.

We would like to congratulate Brenda and Paula for their stellar performance and for this well deserved recognition!


Here is what the Gonzaga Staff Assembly had to say about Brenda and Paula:

“This Mission Award is unique in that it is presented to two people. 15 Gonzaga University employees, representing a wide range of departments across the university – including staff and faculty members and administrators – were compelled to nominate these two individuals.

Employed with the university since 1994 and 1997, these two individuals provide exceptional support, training and first-rate service in academic technology to hundreds of members of the Gonzaga University community. In one academic year alone, they worked with faculty in every college and school, and with staff in every office and department within the division of Student Development. They have truly transformed how faculty and staff obtain information and support related to questions of academic technology.

While working as a synergetic team and like a well-oiled machine, this dynamic duo always offers welcoming smiles, can-do attitudes, patience and a high level of approachability. As exemplary women for others, they embody servant leadership and quickly win the trust and respect of those they work with. Through their work, they have advanced the assessment goals and strategies for the division of Student Development, have raised the technological performance of the entire university, and have made many faculty members’ work more pleasant.

As one of them currently fights through cancer treatment, the other honors her co-worker’s faith, strength and determination by managing the department with gusto, carrying on without a misstep in the stride or commitment and mission-oriented service the two have selflessly given to the university.

It is with great pleasure that I present this Mission Award to Brenda Warrington and Paula Foster of Academic Technology Applications Support.”

Wireless Print is back November 13, 2014

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Sorry for the absence, but after a few days of technical difficulties Wireless Print is back to full functionality.

Send your print jobs from anywhere via our Wireless Print page, submit your job to either the Foley Black and White, or Foley Color queues and release the jobs at the Foley Library.  If you have any troubles or questions about the system, the reference desk staff is happy to help!


Looking for a job? Foley is looking for student employees! August 21, 2014

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Foley Library is looking to fill numerous FWS positions throughout the library in a variety of departments, and may even have a few institutional positions available.  For more information on available positions and to fill out an application, please see our Student Jobs at Foley page and come see us at the Student Employment Job Fair Monday, September 1, 11:30am-1pm in Cataldo Hall.

How to apply for a FEDERAL WORKSTUDY (FWS) position at Foley Center Library:

  1. On the Student Employment webpage go to FEDERAL WORK STUDY ON-CAMPUS
  2. Click the INSTRUCTIONS for applying for an Academic Year FWS Job—Read carefully as the application process has changed
  3. There are two job posting for the library:
  5. Choose the APPLY WITHOUT VITAE option to login or create an account
  6. Fill in the requested information
  7. Please follow the link in the REQUIRED SECTION – (form) within our position posting to fill out our FOLEY STUDENT APPLICATION
  8. Upload Foley Student Application and complete electronic submission


  1. Check out our  STUDENT JOBS AT FOLEY page
  3. Submit application to the library administration office (Foley Center, 3rd floor, room 302)
  4. Or send application via email to ELAINE MANOR (manor@gonzaga.edu)


Take a tour of Foley’s new home page! August 12, 2014

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Explore the Foley Home Page August 6, 2014

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On August 11, Foley Center Library will debut our re-designed home page. The new page has been in beta for several months, and was refined with patron participation. Features include revised organization, updated content, and mobile-friendly design.  For more details about the organization of the new home page, click to enlarge the image below:



After the debut of the new page, the old Foley home page will no longer be available. However, our URL will remain the same:

Foley home page permanent URL: http://www.gonzaga.edu/Academics/Libraries/Foley-Library/

Shortcut link to the Foley home page: http://foley.gonzaga.edu

If you have bookmarks in your browser for any other Foley pages, they may be broken links. If you have trouble finding information in our new system, try consulting our site index, or contact us.

Attention Gonzaga Library Patrons: Research Guides Upgrade! June 25, 2014

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At the end of Summer Session I on June 27, 2014, the Research Guides system will be upgraded. The majority of the content at researchguides.gonzaga.edu will remain the same. As always, the Research Guides will act as a bridge into our physical and digital collections. The upgrade will result in slight changes to the look and feel of all the guides. As an example, a page on Foley’s current International Studies Guide (researchguides.gonzaga.edu/internationalstudies) may look like this:



For questions about the upgrade or electronic resources, contact:

Adrian Pauw, Electronic Resources Coordinator Librarian @ Foley Center Library

April 24th @ Foley: Free Pizza and Training on the IEEE Xplore Database! April 15, 2014

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Access the IEEE database at Foley Databases A-Z

For more info, contact Adrian Pauw, E-Resources Coordinator Librarian.

Announcing Foley Library’s BETA Home Page! March 29, 2014

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Screen Shot 2014-03-29 at 8.21.24 AM

Foley Center Library has a new beta home page designed with data provided by you, our Gonzaga University library patrons! Students, staff, and faculty shared essential feedback through a survey distributed during Fall 2013. Survey takers were asked how they use the Foley library web page for coursework and research, and were prompted to comment on user interface and information organization. This survey data was then analyzed and used to inform our web development. Thank you to all who participated!

We’re excited to share our new Foley Library Beta Home Page with the Gonzaga community! The page is also linked at the top of the current Foley web page.


We still need your help! During our beta period, we will be continuously collecting feedback to improve the ways in which our web design supports your work and information needs. If you try the beta home page, please consider leaving comments on our feedback survey, linked at the top of the beta page. Thank you!

Checkout our new Spokane Guide! March 21, 2014

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Looking for something to do on this first weekend of spring in Spokane? We have created a new library Resarch Guide to help you find resources, places to go, and fun things to do in Spokane. Take a look and let us know what you think!  We will be adding to this guide as we get recommendations and new ideas, so check back often.

Two paths to finding articles: Path #1 “A Specific Article” February 10, 2014

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There are two distinct paths to finding articles, both start at the Foley Library Homepage.  The following example is the route a researcher will take when they need a specific article.  In this case perhaps a professor mentioned an article worth reading, or an interesting sounding title was cited by another work.

This path starts with some citation information; an article title, author, journal title, year, volume, or ideally all of the above!  To follow this path the necessary piece of information is the JOURNAL TITLE and the starting point is PERIODICALS@FOLEY.

Periodicals@Foley is a searchable list of all journals available through Foley Library, both in print and full-text online.

Here is an example of how this works:Go

A student comes to the reference desk and wants an article that appeared in the New Yorker by Oliver Sacks.  They don’t know the title, but they know it is about a pianist.

In Periodicals @ Foley, we enter The New Yorker into the search box and click “Go”.

We then get a list of journals, and click on “The New Yorker”


A new screen will open where a list of potential databases is listed.  Any database displayed here will have some full text access to the journal title that was searched.  However, date ranges can vary across databases.

It is also worth noting the “Local Collection” information,  which means a print copy of the journal is held here at Foley.  Often this option is great for older (pre-internet!) articles, although some of our databases do have full text going way back, so pay attention to those dates!

For the purposes of our students Oliver Sacks article I will
select “Proquest Researh Library…” because it has the widest date range and in
this case we don’t know when the article was published.


Once we click on Proquest, we are taken to the record for The New Yorker within Proquest, and we can search for Oliver Sacks & Pianist.NewYoker2

And here it is!  Fortunately our first result (some lucky librarian planning; if it doesn’t go as smooth don’t be shy about trying other search terms and wading through longer result lists).


If you know your date, volume and or issue, you can alternately select dates under “Browse Specific Issues” to navigate to the needed issue, thus bypassing the search all together.


A handy bit of of information on these date ranges, you might recall a few screens back Periodicals@Foley said there was full text access from “2002- ” in the Proquest database, so now why are we seeing date ranges going much further back?  That would be because the database “Indexes” the contents of the journal, but only has full text for 2002 to the present.  If the article needed turns out to be indexed but not full text, this is when the local print holdings or Interlibrary Loan are both great options.

The best attempt at instructions can sometimes lead to more confusion.  If clarification is needed for any part of this process the Reference Desk  is always here to help!

Stay tuned for Path #2: Finding Articles by Topic, post coming soon!


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